About SAFA

The Palestinian Press Agency SAFA is one of the most established news agencies in the Palestinian arena, supported by extensive experience in news coverage in all governorates of the country.

The scope of our agency's work revolves around exposing the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people as a national and media priority.

The agency's coverage is also based on highlighting the achievements, successes and contributions of the Palestinian people, and highlighting their constructive pluralism through coverage that enjoys the respect of all parties far from insulting and slandering individuals, institutions or bodies.

SAFA has a multicultural work team that includes an elite of highly qualified people who are united by creative thinking and extensive experience in the media industry through entrenching the meanings of national unity, dialogue, mutual respect, relying on evidence, proofs and documents, and not following the arbitrary and unreliable accusation. As well as adherence to the authentic Palestinian and Arab traditions, and the applicable Palestinian press laws.

Based on our innovative media methodology and our outlook, SAFA has achieved a series of remarkable successes and achievements that contributed to establishing its position as one of the leading agencies in the field of providing instant written and visual news services on the latest developments in the Palestinian arena.