‘Surrender to Israel veto', PLO official comments on elections postponing

The member of the PLO Executive Committee, Tayseer Khaled, said that postponing or canceling the elections is a surrendering to the Israeli veto and a leap into the unknown.

Khaled called, in a statement reached Safa on Wednesday, for not surrendering to despair, to the Israeli veto, and to the beginning of broadcasting rumors about the possibility of postponing or canceling the legislative elections, if Palestinian efforts and international pressure failed to dissuade the Israeli government from its decision to prevent elections in the city of Jerusalem.

He stressed that the Israeli position that stems from adhering to the unified city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, drawing strength from the Trump Peace Plan with the American administration and the shameful Abraham Accords with some Arab regimes, has become a real challenge to all Palestinian national, democratic and Islamic forces without exception and a challenge on all electoral lists.

Khaled stated that postponing or canceling these elections perpetuates division and a leap into the unknown that confuses the Palestinian national situation and sends despair among the citizens about the impossibility of renewing the structure of the Palestinian political system and spreading democracy in the political life and the institutions of the ruling system.

He also called for transferring the battle for the right of the city of Jerusalem to and the right of the Palestinians to practice democracy and renew their political system and to pressure Israel and the American administration to surrender to the Palestinians rights. 

Source : Safa