Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council calls on PA to release defenders of human rights

Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council condemned the Palestinian Security Forces' acts of repression against the Palestinian defenders of human rights, and the detention of 4 citizens for practicing their right to freedom of speech and expression as they rejected the policy of political detention. 

It called on Sunday for releasing the detainees and stopping the campaigns of political detention which increased since President Mahmoud Abbas decided to delay the Palestinian elections. 

The Palestinian Authority arrested the human rights activists Muhannad Karajeh, Jehad Abdu, Salem Qashat, dr. Ezz-Eddin Zaghloul in Beireh town in West Bank on Sunday. 

The four detainees had gathered in front of the court to call for the release of the activists Ghassan El-Saadi and Mohammed Fararjeh, who were arrested yesterday, following their participation in a peaceful protest against the activist Nezar Banat. 

Source : Safa