IOF demolishes constructions in Jerusalem and tries to confiscate lands in Hebron

The Israeli occupation forces with their bulldozers stormed Jabal Al-Mukaber in Al-Quds, and destroyed a house without informing its owner. 

In Hizam town, the occupation forces besieged the area near the military Hizma barrier, and demolished 4 shops, under the pretext of building without permit.

The settlement association (Ragabeem) filed an appeal to the occupation’s court in the past months to demolish 16 constructions belonging to the Al-Khatib family in Hizma town. It claimed that they lie in areas that belong to the occupation’s municipality in Al-Quds.

In Hebron, the occupation’s bulldozers demolished a house in Musafar Yatta. Alsp, Al-Buq’a area, in the east of Hebron, is being imposed to occupation procedures that aim at displacing the citizens and occupying their lands. 

Aref Jaber, the owner of the lands threatened with confiscation, said that his land was exposed to 26 attacks this year, noting that the Israeli occupation dredge the lands of the citizens and prevent the building of water wells. He also said that the settlers tried many times to build mobile houses in preparation for building a settlement outpost, yet the landowners confronted them.


Source : Safa