British deputies appeal Israel to stop displacing Palestinian families from their lands

87 British deputies called on Dominic Raab, Secretary of State for Foreign Commonwealth and Development Affairs, to force Israel to stop displacing the Palestinian families from their homes in occupied Jerusalem.

Members of the parliament sent a letter to the minister, saying: "looking into the immense dimensions of the planned settlement, diplomatic words will not be enough."

They suggested that the British government should make it clear to Israel that the relations cannot stay as they are now.

Five deputies of the conservative party and the party of Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK, are among signers of the letter.

After very long series of the decisions issued in the last months against the Palestinian families to evacuate their homes for the settlers, the letter was sent, led by the organization of Ateret Cohanim and Shim'on HaTsadik.

The evacuation calls depend on the claim that the Palestinians live in properties and lands owned by Jewish people before 1948.

Many of the targeted Palestinian families are refugees displaced from their homes in 1948, but the absentee property laws do not allow them restore their properties.

Source : Safa