Prison administration deliberately neglects paralyzed prisoner health status

The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Committee said on Monday that the administration of Gilboa Detention Center is neglecting the health status of the prisoner Dargham Jabareen from Umm al-Fahm town in the occupied territories in 1948 and deliberately adopting a method of procrastination by providing him with the necessary treatment.

The committee stated in a statement received Safa that the prisoner Jabareen, 48, has been complaining since his childhood of polio, and he suffers from paralysis of 70% on the right side of his body and he needs special care for his condition, but the prison administration does not Pay attention to his difficult situation.

It was confirmed that the prisoner Jabareen is in dire need of regular physical therapy sessions, but the prison administration has procrastinated his transfer, and for more than a year it has been expected that the prison administration will provide him with medical shoes so that he can move while using crutches, but it has not provided him with shoes, yet.

During the past month, the prisoner fell into the bathroom, and he was transferred to one of the Israeli hospitals, and a cast was placed in his leg, while he was waiting to be transferred again to the hospital for an x-ray of his foot in order to check on his condition.

The prisoner is in urgent need to provide him with a special device to help him walk and move around.

The captive Jabareen, who is a father of 3 children, has been in detention since 2018 and sentenced to 42 months imprisonment.

Source : Safa