Israel-UAE conflicts delay Netanyahu's visit to Abu Dhabi

Israeli sources stated that the Israel-UAE relations are tense as Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, gave embarrassing statements about the UAE investments in Israel. 

Channel 12 (Israel) mentioned that Emiratis expressed their anger at Netanyahu seizing the matter of UAE's investments in Israel as promotional material in the electoral campaign, noting that they will no be a part of the elections nor will they support a specific party.

There are Emirati calls for delaying Netanyahu's visit to UAE before the Israeli elections so they don't use it in Israel's promotional campaign.

Netanyahu was supposed to visit UAE last Thursday, but Jordan delayed permitting his military airplane to cross its airspace.

Netanyahu irritated the Emirati people, days ago, by revealing a secret statement between Israel and UAE. The statement was: "UAE will invest 40 billion NIS in the Israeli economy".

Source : Safa