Center: 381 arrests carried out by Israeli forces in March

Jerusalem Center for Studies of Israeli and Palestinian Affairs said that 381 arrests were carried out by the Israeli occupation army in various areas of the occupied West Bank during March 2021.

The center affirmed in a statistical study that among the arrests, there were 8 Jerusalemite women, two from Ramallah and one from Hebron. In addition, 16 children were arrested from Hebron, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Ramallah.

The occupation also arrested the two deputies in the Legislative Council, namely Jihad Abu Zneid from Jerusalem, Hatem Qafisha from Hebron, and former Minister Issa al-Jabari from Hebron.

Meanwhile, the Center said that "it notices an increase in arrests in March compared to February, with an increase of nearly 100 cases."

Source : Safa