Al-Masri... 52 years of making Qatayef in Gaza

Hassan Al-Masri, 70, is the oldest man to sell Qatayef in the Gaza strip as he has been working in this profession for more than a century using the tools left by his father and grandfather. 

This profession is the main source of income for Al-Masri and 10 members. Ramadan is the month of light and goodness as it provides him and his family with a dignified life. 

Small shops of Qatayef decorate the popular markets during the holy month of Ramadan as Qatayef is the most kind of desserts to be sold in Arab and Islamic countries. 

Al-Masri has been working in this profession, inherited from his father and grandfather, for 52 years. He has special customs that come to him from different areas in Ramadan, he told Safa. 

Qatayef has a special taste that not all people can master, he said. 

It can be eaten raw or fried after loading with nuts, dates, or cheese. It can be found in Egypt, Tunis, Algeria, and Palestine during Ramadan.

Al-Masri makes Qatayef with different tastes as the customer needs: Mango, chocolate, nuts, or cheese.

The price for a kilo of Qatayeh is 6-7 NIS (2$). semolina, flour, sugar, yeast, and carbonate. 

Al-Masri confirmed that the secret in making Qatayef that many sellers lack is to make it spongy and taste delicious. 

He mentioned that many people sell Qatayef, but very few of them master it. 

Source : Safa