Center: IOF detained 677 Jerusalemites, issued 270 deportation orders in May

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) carried out 677 arrests in Jerusalem and issued more than 270 deportation orders last May, according to Wadi Hilweh Information Center.

In a report, the Center stated that among the detainees were 32 females and 116 minors, including about 20 cases of children aged 13-14 years.

It pointed out that Al-Aqsa Mosque witnessed violent confrontations over the course of days, especially the last week of Ramadan.

Moreover, it stressed that the settlers escalated their attacks on Jerusalemites and their property, and several injuries were reported, due to the settlers' use of their weapons and shooting towards the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, and Shuafat neighborhoods.

As part of the policy of collective punishment against the released detainees, the occupation authorities cut off the right to National Health Insurance for 19 Palestinians and their families, including 3 prisoners who are still in prison and a wife of a Palestinian prisoner, and the rest are from the released prisoners.

According to the report the occupation authorities transferred 11 Palestinians to administrative detention last May, for a period ranging between 3-6 months, including prisoners whose health insurance was cut off.

Through its lawyers, the Center monitored more than 270 deportation orders, pointing out that the occupation authorities expelled dozens of youths, including men and women, who were arrested from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, as well as deported a number of men from their areas of residence, Al-Tur, Al-Isawiya, and Jabal Al-Mukabber.

The center also noted that the occupation authorities continued to detain the bodies of 5 Jerusalem martyrs.

The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood witnessed, over the past month, marches and sit-in, rejecting the displacement orders that threaten dozens of residents under the pretext of "Jewish ownership of the land," said the report. The sit-ins were met with the repression of the occupation forces with beatings, sound bombs, gas, and sewage spraying.

Source : Safa