Palestinian family tastes bitterness of refuge for the second time in 7 years

A school class, no more than 10 meters, turned into a residential home and shelter for Majed Sukkar's family whom they lost their home in eastern Gaza during the latest Israeli military attack on Gaza. 

In this little class filled with children in the Beach camp, the Sukkar family spend their night on some sheets while everyone else enjoys playing, sleeping, and cooking. 

The family consisted of 6 individuals and the youngest is an infant, tastes the bitterness of the forced displacement for the second time in 7 years. 

Their home was destroyed in the Israeli aggression on Gaza in 2014 and burnt again in 2021. 

"That is enough. Why would they bomb our home? I borrowed its price. I haven't enjoyed it yet with my family? What is my children's fault so they live and sleep without a bed?" the father said. 

He added, "We are tired. We no longer can bear displacement and refuge  because of Israel's policies. We are not happy as we spend miserable conditions of living inside the schools, especially amid the spread of COVID19."

"We need people who support us. The people here can no more handle injustice, aggression, and wars. We are civilians waiting for someone to stand beside us. Yes, many provided us with food and monetary assistance, but we need to reconstruct our homes to live in dignity and stability without worries, fear, and anonymous destiny," he said. 

He called on the Westen, Islamic and Arab nations to stand by the Palestinians, and support their rights to living a dignified life in their homes as the Israeli occupation repeats the same actions of destroying civilians' homes in each aggression on Gaza.  

"Why we pay the price heavily," he said. 

Source : Safa