Jerusalemite families and activists call for failing March of Flags

Dozens of extremist settlers raided Al-Aqsa mosque today from the Mughrabi gate with severe protection. 

Islamic Waqf in occupied Jerusalem stated that 80 settlers, including 35 students, stormed Al-Aqsa mosque in the first round today morning. 

It noted that 15 Israeli soldiers wearing civilian clothes raided the courtyards of the mosque and performed Talmudic rituals in the eastern area. 

Israeli forces impose severe security procedures on the entry of Jerusalemites and Palestinian families to the mosque. 

Jerusalemite families and activists called for gathering in Al-Aqsa mosque tomorrow to protect the mosque, fail the Israeli plans and confront the March of Flags. 

Israeli police intensified its forces and special units to provide security and protection for the setters, erect borders in the old city of Jerusalem, and close the streets and mains roads in the city. 

It permitted the March of Flags to be conducted tomorrow after correcting its itinerary as it will extend from the streets of the old city in Jerusalem until the Wailing Wall throughout the Jewish Quarter and the Chrisitan Quarter, not the Islamic one. 

The Israeli authorities have been controlling the keys of the Mughrabi gate since 1967 when Jerusalem was occupied. Through it, they perform the day-to-day raids of the settlers to the mosque.

Source : Safa