Who is Nezar Banat?

The assassination of the political activist Nezar Banat by the security forces of the Palestinian Authority opened the door for many questions about his character. 

His family said that what happened with Banat is a premeditated assassination after raiding his home by a security unit at 3:00 AM,  beating him hard, arresting him, and transferring him into an unknown place.

Just some hours before the announcement of his death, Banat's account on Twitter published, "the Palestinian Authority is arresting the political activist Nezar Banat, seizing his laptop and phone, and attacks him."

The security forces of the Palestinian Authority previously chased Banat many times for criticizing the Palestinian Authority and many issues accused of corruption.

He was known for his support of the Palestinian resistance and public criticism of the security coordination in the West Bank.

Who is Nezar Banat?

Banat, from Dura town in southern Hebron, is an activist against the reconciliation project led by the Palestinian Authority and has many attempts of confirming the freedom of speech against the project of eliminating the Palestinian cause. 

He is one of the well-known activists in Palestine and a big critic of the Palestinian Authority. 

He was arrested more than 8 times at the hands of the security forces of the Palestinian Authority as well as beaten and oppressed in the prisons. 

Before being assassinated today morning, he published a video for himself talking about the vaccine scandal. "The Palestinian Authority's leadership is a mercenary trading with everything at the expense of the Palestinian cause.

Source : Safa