One million people sign "Palestine Charter", condemning normalization

About one million social media users signed the "Palestine Charter" to declare support for the Palestinian people and reject the Emirati and Bahraini normalization agreement with the Israel.

The UAE Movement for Normalization Resistance launched, through its official Twitter account, a campaign of signatures on the charter, announcing that the number of number of signatories exceeded 900,000 persons within less than 48 hours of its launch.

The Emirati Movement defines itself as “a popular Emirati association that resists all forms of normalization with the Zionist entity that occupies the land of Palestine, founded August 22, 2020,” and includes a group of opposition intellectuals and academics who were able to leave the UAE before being arrested.

The Movement says that it aims to confirm the Emirati people's rejection of the normalization agreement between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv, and to convey the Emirati popular voice rejecting normalization to the peoples of the Gulf and Arab region.

It also seeks to “educate the Emirati people about the danger of normalization on all sides, and to support the Palestinian cause, and the right of the Palestinian people to all their just demands."

In its electronic campaign, it called on social media activists to sign the "Palestine Charter" through an electronic link that requires filling the name and country.

The charter includes the following text: “Believing in the justice of the Palestinian cause and my commitment to be responsible towards it, I have the honor to sign the Charter of the State of Palestine, through which I affirm that: Palestine is an occupied Arab state and its liberation is a duty, and the Zionist entity is an occupier, racist and usurper entity of our Al-Aqsa Mosque and the land of Palestine, and normalization in all its forms is treason."

The charter was signed by Arab analysts, writers, journalists, activists, and social media influencers.

Those wishing to sign the charter can click on the following link:

It is noteworthy that the signing ceremony of the normalization agreement between the UAE, Bahrain and Israel, took place on Tuesday in Washington, amid widespread protests in Palestinian cities and several capitals in the world.

Source : Safa