Nezar Banat's daughter: I will keep following my father's way until my last breath

Qabas is still hearing the bill ring and racing her siblings to open the door for their father Nezar Banat, who has been always chased by the Palestinian security forces. 

"They took my father alive and returned him a dead body," Qabas, the daughter, said. 

Until now, she cannot believe that her father was killed in this brutal way. 

He was beaten by the security forces when he was in his relatives' home in southern Hebron last Thursday. An hour later, he was declared dead. 

The autopsy results revealed that the cause of death is abnormal, confirming that being beaten all over his body caused a hemorrhage in the lungs.

"He was not just a father; he was a friend and a part of my soul. He went and never came back," Qabas said. 

"The security forces did not have mercy on my siblings Kefah, Khaleel, Mariam, and Maria. They made us orphans very early," she added. 

She confirmed that she will follow her father's way in revealing corruption. 

She called on the crowds to hold those involved in her father's murder accountable.

In conjunction with the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the security forces repressed thousands of civilians who went out to protest against the crime of Banat's murder. 

The lawyers Muhannad Karajeh said that it was hurting that many cases reached the hospital due to being beaten by the security forces in parallel with the International Day in Support of the Victims of Torture. 

He noted that the security forces attacked 5 journalists, injured more than 50 protestors, and arrested 15.

He called on the civil community to take responsibility for the assassination of Nezar Banat and the oppression against the peaceful protestors. 

Lawyers for Justice Group published its first article entitled "brutal detention in a year of emergency" which documented 97 out 100 cases of detention against a backdrop of the practice of freedom of speech and political belonging. 

The report revealed that 33 detainees were imposed to verbal mistreatment, deprivation of medicine, and pressure to break their hunger strike, and 33 others were psychologically assaulted. 

The activist Essa Amr said that the Palestinian security and leadership proved that what happened to Nezar Banat was not a coincidence, but a result of the ongoing incitement against the political opponents. 

He confirmed that what happened to Nezar Banat was a crime whose perpetrators must be held accountable. 

Source : Safa