7 years have passed since al-Batsh family massacre in Gaza

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the heinous Israeli massacre against the al-Batsh family east of Gaza City, which was committed by the occupation army during the 2014 aggression on the Gaza Strip

The massacre began on the evening of Sunday, July 12, 2014, when the occupation warplanes bombed a house for the Al-Batsh family in the Al-Sha’af neighborhood, east of Gaza City.

The massacre led to the martyrdom of 18 citizens of the al-Batsh family and the wounding of about 50 others.

The house was bombed without warning, and several nearby houses were badly damaged as a result of that.

The Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which began on July 8, 2014, and lasted for 51 days, resulted in the death of 1,742 Palestinians, including 530 children and 302 women, and the wounding of 8,710.


Source : Safa