Deportation from Jerusalem: an Israeli policy to empty the city and silence the defenders

Deportation from Jerusalem is one of the systematic policies of the occupation against activists and Jerusalemites, aimed at breaking their will, and deterring them from continuing to confront the ongoing Israeli violations and practices against the city and its residents.

Last Thursday, the occupation authorities handed over four released prisoners with military orders indicating their intention to deport them from neighborhoods in the city of Jerusalem for a period of 3-6 months, under the pretext that they pose a "risk to Israel's security."

Since the beginning of 2021, the occupation authorities have issued 365 deportation orders, including 257 orders from Al-Aqsa Mosque, 18 from Jerusalem, 68 from Old Jerusalem, and 4 orders preventing Jerusalemites from entering the West Bank, according to the Wadi Hilweh Information Center.

Unjust Decisions

The Jerusalemite activist Nasser Al-Hadmi reported to Safa about the details of the deportation orders, saying: "Last Wednesday, I received a summons from the occupation intelligence to go to the investigation in the Al-Maskobiya Center, and to hand me a decision of deportation from neighborhoods in Jerusalem."

He added, "The next day, I went to the Al-Maskobiya Center, and was informed of the decision to deport me from certain neighborhoods in the city for a period of 6 months, under the pretext of my affiliation with Hamas, my participation in its activities, and that I pose a threat to the security of the occupation in Jerusalem."

He pointed out that the deportation decisions as unfair and unjust, explaining that the occupation wants to silence the activists and defenders of Jerusalem.

Moreover, he explained that there is a clear and systematic Israeli targeting of any prominent figure in the city, as the occupation has sought for more than 15 years to end the presence of these leading figures by all means and methods.

According to al-Hadami, the occupation, by targeting activists and leading and patriotic figures, wants to fight and obliterate the Jerusalemite identity, and to impose its full sovereignty on Jerusalemites, as it does not want any active Palestinian presence in the city.

In order to confront the policy of deportation, he asserted that the confrontation is mainly in steadfastness, and enduring the racist policies of the occupation and its unjust measures.

Emptying Jerusalem

The head of the Jerusalem Prisoners’ Families Committee, Amjad Abu Asab, reported to Safa that the occupation has issued a number of decisions against the released prisoners, including deportation, prevention of communication, confiscation of funds, as well as arresting and cutting health insurance for 20 prisoners and activists and their families.

He added, "These are unjust and racist measures, aimed at creating fear in the hearts of the activists, emptying Jerusalem of the defenders of its cause, in addition to destroying the social connection."

He pointed out that there is no real justification for deporting them from Jerusalem, as the occupation presents its false justifications and arguments that they "pose a threat to its security."


Source : Safa