Settlers bulldoze lands in Ramallah

Settlers bulldoze the lands of citizens in Jabal Al-Alam in the town of Ni’lin, west of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, to build a settlement road in the area.

The settlers target the lands of Jabal Al-Alam in a continuous effort to confiscate them. They are constantly expelling farmers, burning lands, uprooting seedlings and sabotaging irrigation water lines.

The lands of the Palestinians in Jabal Al-Alam are subjected to repeated violations by the occupation and its settlers. In the past few days, settlers have burned hundreds of olive trees, and carried out repeated attacks on citizens under the protection of the occupation forces.

Ni'lin is a Palestinian town located to the west of the city of Ramallah. Over the years of the occupation, more than two hundred dunams of its land were confiscated, starting in 1990, when fifty dunams were confiscated, then in 1995, when seventy dunams were seized, and then in 2008, when more than one hundred dunums of its land were confiscated “for security reasons.”

Hundreds of families live in Ni'lin in a state of poverty and loss of the ability to secure their livelihood, due to the confiscation of their land, the closure of the village, and the prevention of hundreds of workers from going to work inside the occupied territories.


Source : Safa