Activists organize a campaign calling on Abbas to leave

Activists on social media launched a campaign to demand that President Mahmoud Abbas leave due to the deterioration of the situation in Palestine.

The activists posted previous statements of Abbas, in which he pledged to quit his position if people demand his leave.

The calls for the departure of Abbas took place mainly after he canceled the elections, which were scheduled to start last May.

They escalated after the Palestinian Authority's assassination of Nizar Banat in Hebron, in the southern occupied West Bank. Dozens of demonstrations took place in West Bank cities to demand Abbas resign and conduct an independent and transparent investigation into the crime, but the PA met the demonstrations with repression, arrest, and torture, according to human rights organizations.

Abbas has headed the PA since 2005. Despite the end of his term in 2009, he continues in his position with "de facto force".

The hashtag #leave appeared on the trend in Palestine with about 14 thousand tweets, which varied between texts, photos, and videos.

The activists pointed out that during the rule of Abbas, the West Bank witnessed the largest settlement wave in its history.

They also indicated that Abbas's term witnessed an unprecedented division among the Palestinian factions, in addition to cutting the financial aid of hundreds of prisoners and the families of the martyrs and the liberated prisoners.

They strongly condemned Abbas's steps in tightening the siege on the Gaza Strip, especially in its financial and economic aspect, and the recently revealed refusal of the authority to enter the Qatari aid into the strip.


Source : Safa