The Martyrdom Detainee, Kamal Abu Waer

Palestinian detainee, Kamal Abu Waer, passed away in Israeli detentions due to medical neglected two days ago.

Abu Waer was detained by Israeli forces in 2003, and sentenced to life imprisonment for six times. He suffered various kinds of tortures; he did not only suffered from his infection with the Coronavirus in the summer of this year, but also his infection with throat cancer at the end of last year.

Abu Waer, 46, from the village of Qabatiah near Jenin in the northern West Bank, was detained and put behind bars in 2003 after being chased by the occupation forces for taking part in the Second Intifada, and lost his life on Tuesday.

The death of Abu Waer makes the number of Palestinian prisoners who have died inside Israeli jails stand at 226. Moeover, there are 51 prisoners in Israeli jails suffer from chronic illnesses and require regular medical care.

His father, Najeeb Abu Waer, told Safa Agency that his son suffered from difficult blood diseases and received various treatments in the prison.

He pointed out that as soon as Kamal's health condition gets better, they were shocked that he had cancer in his throat and broken blood platelets.

"Last July, he was transferred from Gilboa prison to Afula Hospital, after which the occupation announced that he had been infected with the Coronavirus," his father added.

Abu Waer took more than 50 chemotherapy sessions, which he received while his hands and legs were handcuffed and under heavy guard from the occupation soldiers at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, according to his father".

His father notes that new cancerous tumors were in his son body. Hence, his weight began to decrease sharply which indicated that he was in the final stage of the disease.

Regarding his recent case, his father mentions that the prison doctors indicated that his son needed chemotherapy treatment as a result of the new tumor, but the speed of its spread made him to be a martyr on November 11, suffering the bitterness and disappointment in the prison.

 Prisoners sent an influential message about the condition of the prisoner Abu Waer, last June in which it said, "Save the life of the prisoner Kamal Abu Waer in the twenty-first century, in the world of democracy and human rights."

They also said: "The prisoner dies in terrible silence and very slowly, far from the camera’s eyes inside the occupation's prisons, where no one hears the lust of death, or the rattle of the voice and shortness of breath. As every time, the criminal will be unpunished, as if nothing had happened."




Source : Safa