Hamas salutes Sheikh Jarrah families’ rejection of Israeli court compromise

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Haroun Nasser Eddin said that the Israeli attempt to gradually transfer ownership of the Sheikh Jarrah lands is a fraudulent process aimed at taking over Palestinian neighborhoods and properties in occupied Jerusalem.

"We salute the residents of the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood for turning down an Israeli court’s proposal, which would have made the landowners into tenants paying rent for colonial settlers. Resistance is the only approach to end the occupation," Nasser Eddin added.

"We refuse any form of compromise on the Palestinian homes threatened with eviction in Sheikh Jarrah. The Israeli judiciary system is part of its security establishment, which enables Israeli settler groups to take over Palestinian land and houses in occupied Jerusalem," he stressed.

"We confirm that international law criminalizes any alteration to the current situation that the Israeli occupation authority is trying to impose in the occupied Palestinian territories."

Moreover, the official confirmed that the issue of Sheikh Jarrah evictions, which caused blatant injustice prompting local residents to remain steadfast in the face of Israeli attacks and measures, was one of the triggers of the “Sword of Al-Quds” battle that the Palestinian resistance fought in solidarity with the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah.    

"We stress that the Sheikh Jarrah issue gained national and international consensus on its fairness in the face of various Israeli measures. We have great faith in the neighborhood’s residents; the Palestinian resistance will remain committed to Palestinian positions, rights, and constants," he added.

"We affirm that the Palestinians will not accept to be expelled from their homes once again. The Palestinian people and resistance are capable of turning the table on anyone targeting their constants and holy sites," he confirmed.

"No one has the right to compromise on and waive their claim any inch of the land of occupied Jerusalem and Palestine. This land belongs to the forthcoming generations of the Arab and Muslim world."

"We will make the Israeli occupation pay the price of its crimes in Jerusalem and we will go ahead with the Palestinian liberation project until ending the Israeli occupation and allowing all Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and lands," he concluded.

Source : Safa