70th anniversary of the Jerusalemite Sharafat massacre

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the Israeli massacre committed against sharafat village, in east Jerusalem.

On February 7th, 1951, three cars for the Israeli forces reached a point, about 3.5 kilometers to the railway in southwest the city. Thirty soldiers left the cars, passed the armistice line, and climbed the way towards sharafat village; located within Palestine, about 5 km to the south west of Jerusalem.

The soldiers cut the barbered wires all around the city, surrounded the home of the head of the village, put explosive charges in his walls and the neighboring home's walls, torched them, and then withdrew under the protection of the Israeli bullets fired over the village and its families.

The massacre resulted in the death of dozens of martyrs; two shaykhs, 3 women and 5 children; and the injury of 8 women and children.

After the massacre, the Israeli forces destroyed all the homes of the sharafat village, built Gilo colony on its lands instead, and tried to fire its citizens but they rejected.

Until 1954, Sharafat village had 485 dunums of irrigated gardens, 40 dunums of olive trees, 508 dunums of beans, and 990 arable dunums. Also, the building were located on 5 dunums distributed all over the village.

Source : Safa