Israel demolishes house in Sheikh Jarrah without notification

The bulldozers of the Israeli municipality demolished on Tuesday afternoon a house in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem without issuing a decision to demolish it.

The owner of the house, Amna Yusuf, told Safa that she was shocked by the demolition of the house, in light of the absence of a decision to demolish it from Israel.

She said that she received yesterday a decision from the Israeli municipality that prevents her from reaching her home within 15 days, until she brings documents to the municipality and a lawyer to obtain an appointment for the court.

The decision stipulates that she must pay an amount of 25,000 Israeli shekels if she arrives at home during the mentioned period.

The Israeli municipality took advantage of the decision issued yesterday to demolish the house, Amna confirmed.

The house that was demolished by the Israeli bulldozers includes two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and an outdoor yard.

Large forces of Israeli soldiers and police surrounded the house from all sides during its demolition.

Yusuf indicated that the Israeli municipality issued a decision earlier to demolish the wall surrounding the house and the lawyer was able to cancel it.

Settlers in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood demolished the fence of her home about two weeks ago.

“The house had not been inhabited by any of the family since her mother's death in 1995, but she would come to check it every now and then,” said Amna.

The house was built before 1948 inside an old cave and it belongs to her father, Mohammad Yusuf.

Source : Safa