IOF forces Jerusalemite to remove what was left of his house

The Israeli occupation municipality's employees on Thursday stormed the house of the Jerusalemite Moataz Khalil and forced him to demolish what was left of his house.

Moataz Khalil reported to Safa that he was shocked when the municipality employees stormed the house and forced him to demolish the bathroom and remove the iron poles.

He added that the employees ordered him to remove the rubble of the demolition of the house and threatened him to pay a fine if he did not do that.

It is worth noting that the occupation municipality forced Moataz to demolish his house, which he built 10 years ago, and threatened him that if he did not self-demolish it, he would be fined 50 thousand shekels.

The area of ​​the house is 50 square meters, and it includes two rooms and a bathroom. He lives in it with his wife, son, and daughter.

Source : Safa