Israel isolates a patient prisoner amid harsh conditions

The administration of Israel's Nafkha Penitentiary has been isolating the patient prisoner Mousa Sufan, 47, from Tulkarm for two weeks amid very harsh and miserable conditions, according to Detainees and Ex-detainees Affairs Commission.

Prisoner Sufan is one of the victims of the medical ignorance adopted in the Israeli prisons. 3 years ago, he suffered from a blast lung injury, Familial Mediterranean fever, Spinal disc herniation, Small Cell lung cancer. Although, he did not have the needed medicine as the Israeli prisons' administration has been continuing to delay performing the medical imagining and sampling for him since years.

Israeli prisons' administration isolate Sufan amid harsh conditions in the cells of Nafkha, where he suffers from severe cold, lack of winter clothing, and lack of personal needs. The administration refuses to get him out of the solitary confinement and let him meet his brothers; Mohammed Sufan, sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment, and Adnan Sufan, sentenced to 33 years of imprisonment.

Mousa Sufan has been arrested since 2003, and sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment.

Source : Safa