Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails smuggle their sperm to bring children to life

Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies informed, on Thursday, the increase in the number of prisoners' children (Ambassadors of freedom) who were born through bringing the prisoners' sperm out of the prisons. 

After the birth of the Palestinian child Mojahed Al-Noor, the number reached 96.

"The number of Ambassadors of freedom increased when the Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Al-Qedra, a-35-Gazan, had a child through smuggling his sperm out of the prison," Head of the center, Riyad Al-Ashqar, said. 

Al-Qedra has been arrested since 2014 and sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment. He had already finished 6 years and a half till now. 

The number of Palestinian prisoners from Gaza, who had children through smuggling operations of sperm, increased to 10. 

"Operations of smuggling sperm outside started in 2012. It constituted a real challenge to Israel which tried to kill all meanings of life for the prisoners," Al-Ashqar added. 

He pointed out that Israel failed to discover the ways that enable the prisoners to bring their sperm outside, and in case he found out, Prisoners are creative in finding alternatives to resist the Israeli occupation which has been always trying to kill life and hope in their spirits. 

Source : Safa