Hamas: International Criminal Court's decision is a serious step to punish Israel's leaders

Islamic Resistance Movement -Hamas- welcomed the decision of the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor to open a serious investigation into the Israeli war crimes committed against the Palestinians in the Palestinian territories.

Hazem Qassim, the spokesperson of Hamas, stated on Wednesday, that the decision is courageous, and a serious step to achieve justice, and punish Israel's leaders for their crimes against the Palestinians.

He called on the court to resist any possible pressures that might stand against its way.

On Wednesday evening, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court opened a formal investigation into the crimes committed in the West Bank and Gaza strip.

The decision included the commencement of investigating the Israeli crimes committed starting from July 13, 2014.

The Court's declaration did not mention "Israel" by name, but called the relevant parties to state if they want  to investigate with their citizens on their own regarding the charges against them.

Source : Safa