97 Palestinian children born through smuggling of sperm outside Israeli prisons

Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies confirmed that the number of Ambassadors of Freedom, children born through the smuggling of their fathers' sperm outside the prisons, increased to 97.

The clash of survival is still ongoing inside the Israeli prisons as the Palestinian prisoners keep creating new ways to smuggle their sperm outside to give birth to new children; new ambassadors of freedom, the center said in a statement.

Amer Muqbel, a Palestinian prisoner arrested in 2002, was sentenced to 21 years in prison. He spent 8 years and a half to be later released in a deal of prisoner exchange in 2011. In 2014, he was rearrested and resentenced.

Muqbel is married and has a child. He has recently had his second one through the smuggling of sperm outside the prisons.

Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies stated that Sara Muqble, Amer Muqbel's daughter, is the second ambassador of freedom in 2021.

The number of Palestinian prisoners who experienced giving birth to new children through the smuggling of sperm increased to 69.

Source : Safa