Hamas: Palestinians are able to fight for the sake of their land, holy sites

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas said that the ongoing battle for Jerusalem proved that the Palestinian people are able to fight for their land and holy sites.

"Despite the Israeli occupation’s violent bombardment in Gaza and flagrant violations in the West Bank and Jerusalem, the Palestinian people have proved in their uprising against the Israeli occupation that they are able to resist and fight for the sake of Jerusalem," said the member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran.

Observing the Israeli killings and arrests across Palestine, Hamas held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the latest round of escalation. "We have warned against any Israeli miscalculation and that Jerusalem is a red line. However, the Israeli occupation insisted to play with fire and now it must pay the price."

"Additionally, we hail the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people in defense of Al Aqsa Mosque in Gaza and across the West Bank. Particularly, we praise the popular uprising across the West Bank and Palestinian territories occupied in 1948, and the Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip, above all Al Qassam Brigades, which has hit hard the Israeli occupation in the Operation Sword of Jerusalem," Badran added.

The movement also said that it is proud of the coordination between all the Palestinian factions through the Joint Operation Room in the Gaza Strip. In addition, the Palestinian people coordinated their mass protests across the West Bank.

"We confirm that the Operation Sword of Jerusalem is part of our open-ended freedom struggle with the Israeli occupation. The Palestinians will not lay down their weapon unless the last inch in Palestine is fully liberated," it stressed.

"We praise the demonstrations in some Arab and Islamic countries and other locations worldwide organized in support of the Palestinian people and Jerusalem. Hamas appreciates such solidarity with the Palestinian people," it concluded.

Source : Safa