Hamas chief meets diplomats in Doha, discusses Gaza’s humanitarian needs

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh met yesterday with several Arab and foreign diplomats and ambassadors in Doha, discussed latest developments in Palestine, especially the recent Israeli offensive on Gaza Strip.

In the meeting, the Hamas chief briefed the diplomats on the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, stressing that the Israeli occupation bears responsibility for the horrible consequences of the latest aggression on Gaza.

He added: “The Israeli occupation continued its violations and aggression against the Palestinian people, especially in Jerusalem through plans to evict the Sheikh Jarrah Neighbourhood of its indigenous Palestinian residents and schemes to take control of the holy complex by installing checkpoints at the Damascus Gate.”

The top Hamas official pointed out that the Israeli occupation has violated the International Law by targeting civilians, civilian instalments and buildings, and the underground sewage system and infrastructure and perpetrating massacres and atrocious against women, children, and defenceless Palestinians.

“Hence, the Palestinian people expressed their outrage and rejection to the Israeli practices in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza, and 1948 occupied territories. Mass protests have taken place in many capitals worldwide in response to the Israeli violations as well,” he continued.

Haniyeh highlighted that there have been many contacts with a number of leaders worldwide during and after the Israeli offensive to discuss the issue of Jerusalem and atrocities in Gaza, confirming that Jerusalem is not a subject to negotiations or compromise at all.

During the meeting, the Hamas official stressed that all parties and international organisations should work on the reconstruction of Gaza following the Israeli large-scale destruction.

Concerning the Palestinian unity, Haniyeh emphasized that the Hamas adheres to unity and pushes for healing the Palestinian division.

“We will continue to build on the unity shown in the field to push for reconstructing the Palestine house and establish the national constants based on a unified strategy,” Haniyeh concluded.

Source : Safa