Israel issues 554 administrative decisions since the beginning of 2021

The Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies reported that the Israeli authorities issued 554 administrative decisions against Palestinian prisoners since the beginning of this year.

The center stated in a statement on Sunday that since the beginning of the year, the Israeli authorities have escalated the issuance of the administrative orders against Palestinian prisoners, especially in the last two months.

Israel has recently resorted to issuing administrative detention orders largely and noticeably, as a policy of collective punishment of the Palestinians for their solidarity with the people of Jerusalem, and in protest against the recent barbaric Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Administrative detention is an arbitrary arrest that does not require indictments or judicial procedures.

The director of the center, researcher Riyad Al-Ashqar, stated that Israel issued, last April, dozens of administrative detention orders against candidates for the Legislative Council elections, which were scheduled to take place this May and were canceled, especially the members of Jerusalem Our Destination list.

He explained that the administrative decisions issued since the beginning of the year amounted to (554) decisions, including (324) decisions to renew administrative detention for additional periods ranging from two to 6 months, and reached (5) times for some prisoners, while (230) administrative decisions were issued against prisoners for the first time, most of them were freed prisoners who were re-arrested.

Al-Ashqar considered that the detention policy is a tool of collective punishment against the Palestinian people, which the occupation uses extensively without taking into account the prohibitions laid down by international law, which limited its use, except, which is a disregard for all norms and laws and a disregard for international institutions.

He added that despite international warnings of the occupation's misuse of the law of administrative detention and its failure to adhere to international standards in limiting the application of this type of unjust detention, which classified detainees as prisoners of conscience, the occupation did not stop issuing administrative detention orders against Palestinian prisoners.

Al-Ashqar called on the international community and its legal institutions, which set prohibitions and conditions when using this type of detention, to intervene to stop the draining of Palestinian lives without charge and to put pressure on the occupation to stop arbitrary administrative detention.

Source : Safa