Israeli rocket deprives a 2-year-old girl of her mother's hug

Huda al-Kuzundar, 34, hugged her two-year-old daughter as she was afraid the Israeli rockets fell over her home. 

"A huge explosion happened on May 20, Thursday dawn. It shook the whole home, caused electricity to cut and dust to spread, and windows and doors to fall; all we heard was the children's screams inside and outside the family's home. "Save us. Save us," Mohammed al-Khuzundar, 40, Huda's husband said. 

All of this did not make al-Khuzundar family realize what happened.

He woke up and headed to his children's room, calling on them loudly: "where are you?".
"Save us, dad," they said.
Yet, he did not hear his wife's voice nor did he saw her amid the darkness. 

Mohammed was shot in his leg and hand, but he did not feel the injury as everything he cared about at that time was to make sure his wife and children were safe. He carried one after the other outside the room while screaming and crying. 

"Huda, Huda! Where are you?" he called on his wife, but she did not respond nor did he see her as the room was so dark. 

Minutes later, he reached his wife and caught her with her son between her hands, Malak. He started to talk with her, but she never responded. Her back appeared bleeding. He was shocked and realized that she died as she was severely injured in the belly and legs, yet she could rescue her daughter. 

Mohammed heard the neighbors calling for the ambulance which reached some minutes later. The Israeli aircrafts rocked a home next to them with two rockets without prior notice; he went to the window and called for them. They directly deaded to him and carried him with his wife and children to the hospital. Unfortunately, Mohammed was informed of his wife's death. 

"I was traumatized. I did not believe that my wife went and left our children alone. What is her crime? We were sleeping like any other family. The rockets fell over us. We don't know how or why. We lost the prettiest thing in our lives. I don't know what to say to my children when they ask me about their mother," he said to Safa. 

He recalled what happened during the interview; he stopped talking and cried. He stood up and moved to the home's yard of his family's wife for some minutes. His friends and relatives tried to calm him down. 

He continued his speech and prayed for his wife. 

"I was shocked we were targeted. I expected the bombing was far as our neighborhood had no military sites and away from the borders. I was shocked by the size of the damage that affected my home and our neighbors' homes. I cannot understand how they think of bombing civilian women and children. How would they be a kind of threat to the Israeli occupation's security?" Mohammed said. 

He noted that his children miss their mom and the infant Malak cries all the time as she refuses to let any alternative mother feed her. 

During the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza which lasted for 11 days, 254 Palestinians were killed, including 39 women, 69 children, and 17 elderly. 

Source : Safa