Israeli police intensifies forces before March of Flags

Israeli occupation police intensified its forces in Jerusalem and the old town in preparation for the March of Flags the settlers intend to implement on Tuesday. 

Maariv newspaper stated that there are collateral concerns of violent confrontations between the Right-wingers and the Palestinians in the march.

It noted that the itinerary of the march and the deployment of the forces were carefully determined.

The Israeli police permitted to conduct the March of Flags tomorrow after correcting the itinerary as it will be in the old town's streets until the Waiting Wall throughout the Christian Quarter and the Jewish Quarter, not the Islamic one. 

The March of Flags was supposed to be on May 10th yet the Palestinians Resistance fired 4 rockets towards Jerusalem. 

After 30 years, youths of the religious Jewish wing organize this march with the participation of thousands of settlers who carry the Israeli flags, chanting the anti-Arabs and Palestinians slogans, and walk around the old city and its streets.

Source : Safa