First al-Aqsa Massacre: 30 Years On

Thirty years have passed since the First Al-Aqsa Massacre was brutally carried out by the Israeli forces in the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. It was a crime committed in cold blood against Palestinian worshipers, crossed all red lines, and considered the ugliest in the black history of Israel.

The massacre began on Monday, October 8, 1990, before the noon prayer, when the settlers of what is called "Temple Mount Trustees" group tried to put the groundbreaking for the alleged "Third Temple" in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Thus, thousands of worshipers confronted them; the Israeli soldiers entered and opened fire randomly towards them.

Soldiers and settlers showered the worshipers with live ammunition continuously from machine-gun fire. Thousands of worshipers of all ages found themselves trapped in mass death, and the firing did not stop for 35 minutes.

This massacre resulted in murdering 22, injuring more than 200 others, and detaining 270, as the forces impeded the access of ambulances.

It was known as the " First Al-Aqsa Massacre", to differentiate it from the massacre that was committed by the Israeli forces too in in 1996, and known as the "Second Al-Aqsa Massacre".

Half an hour before the massacre, the forces placed military checkpoints on all roads leading to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, to prevent worshipers from reaching it, but thousands of worshipers had gathered inside the mosque before that time in response to calls from the Imam of the mosque, and the Islamic Movement of Protecting the Mosque, to prevent the group of the "Temple Mount Trustees" group from raiding it.

The soldiers remained in the squares, preventing the release of the bodies of the martyrs and wounded, but after six hours from the start of the massacre.

Days before the massacre, the "Temple Mount Trustees" Group distributed a statement on the occasion of its celebration of the Sukkot Holiday, saying it was intending to organize a march to the Temple Mount, the name that they gave to Al Aqsa, in addition to stating that the group would put the ground breaking.

The massacre was met with widespread condemnation, in which the observers declared that the Israeli forces had exceeded all red lines.

Although 30 years have passed since the massacre, Israel continues to commit crimes and attacks the city of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in various forms, through daily incursions, arrests, deportations, aiming at emptying it of Muslims, in addition to its attempts to Judaize it.

Source : Safa