OCHA: Israel destroys 421 buildings so far in 2021

The United National Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in a statement that the Israeli occupation authorities destroyed or confiscated no less than 421 buildings owned by Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since the beginning of 2021. 

The statement said that the demolition resulted in 592 Palestinians displaced, including 320 children. 

It condemned Israel's destruction of the herding community of Humsa - Al Bqai’a in the Jordan Valley, warning that the repeated demolition operations that affect the homes and properties of the citizens might result in hard social and economic consequences. 

During the demolition yesterday, representatives of OCHA, and NGOs and member states tried to access the community, but the Israeli army rejected arguing that there was a military operation there

Yet OCHA and NGO partners managed to visit and speak to the community in the evening, OCHA said. 

It also noted that the Israeli forces demolished on Wednesday 27 residential buildings, animal structures, and water tanks as well as seized food parcels. 

OCHA Office also mentioned that the civil administration confiscated personal belongings, including food, milk for children, clothes, hygiene materials, and toys. It also displaced 11 families consisting of 70 individuals, including 36 children. 

11 buildings of those destroyed or seized yesterday had been provided as a humanitarian response following similar mass demolition incidents on 3, 8, and 22 February, in which 55 structures were demolished or confiscated, said OCHA.

Source : Safa