Haniyeh congratulates Raisi on election as Iran’s president

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh offered Tuesday his congratulations to Ebrahim Raisi on his election as president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In a phone call, Haniyeh pointed to the close ties between his movement and Iran, saying: “Our relationship [with Iran] is strong, well-established, and steady.”

Haniyeh addressed the outcomes of the “Sword of Al-Quds” battle and the victory scored by the Palestinian resistance and people, hailing Iran for its support for Palestine.

The newly-elected president, meanwhile, expressed his appreciation to Haniyeh on his call, stressing that his county has strategic and constant ties with the Palestinian people and resistance.    
Raisi extended his congratulations on the victory secured by the Palestinian people and resistance in the “Sword of Al-Quds” battle.

“This battle proved that the resistance is a strategic option to resolve the Palestinian cause,” Raisi said, saluted Palestinian freedom fighters and families of the Palestinian martyrs killed by Israeli occupation forces.

Raisi condemned the ongoing Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, calling for an end to the 14-year blockade which violates international law.

Source : Safa