Occupation practices make Jerusalem and old town's shops half-empty

Jerusalem, its shops, and its old town witness very critical economic and commercial conditions as a result of the Israeli practices against the traders and shoppers. 

Even though two months have passed since Eid Al-Fitr, the political situation did not change. It became even worse, which affected all aspects of life in Jerusalem. 

The traders in the old town of Jerusalem are the most affected by the Israeli occupation's procedures as they prevent the citizens from entering the shops and markets to buy their needs. 

The political conditions and the economic recession coincided with the hard living situations of the people in the city. 

A member of Jerusalem's traders' Committee Nabil Abo Amr said to Safa that the holy city is empty of people due to the Israeli restrictions imposed on the shops. 

He informed that the Jerusalemite traders suffer from suffocating economic crisis and the shops of the old town look very sad and depressed like never before. 

"Despite the very hard economic situations which resulted from the closure of shops for more than a year and a half during the coronavirus outbreak, the people were at least set free from their homes," he added. 

Abo Amr urged the citizens to come to Jerusalem to revive the city and support its traders. 

Another Jerusalemite trader in Jerusalem, Tawfeeq Al-Halawni, confirmed that the latest political developments affected the economic situation in the city. 

He stated that the Israeli occupation did very accurate studies to damage the economy in the shops of Jerusalem as they close the gates of the old town from a while to another and prevent the shoppers from reaching out the shops. 

"They also target the citizens, their families, and children with gas canisters and waste water for no reasons but to prevent them from entering the old town to buy their needs," he added. 

Source : Safa