Despite having her father and brother killed in the recent Israeli aggression, Sarah Al-Zubda gets excellence in high school results

With the announcement of the results of the high school, known as Tawjihi, the house of Al-Zubda family filled with joy, after their daughter Sarah got a GPA of 95.3, despite having her father, Jamal, and her brother, Osama, killed in the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Sarah reported to Safa, "I expected to get a result between 95-96%, and thank God I got what I expected."

Sarah thanked her mother and sister, who supported her after the martyrdom of her father and brother, who were assassinated by the Israeli occupation on May 12, a month before her exams.

Sarah aspires to study engineering and follow the path of her brother and father, who were engineers too.

"Despite my distinction, my joy is incomplete. I wish my brother and my father were among us to witness this, but I will not let them down and I will continue the path of success and excellence," she added.

Meanwhile, her mother expressed her pride in her daughter Sarah, saying that she has always been among the distinguished ones.

Sarah sent a message to the Palestinian people that with determination, they can overcome difficulties.

Source : Safa