Yahya Al-Saqqa gets distinction in high school results despite having his home damaged in the aggression

Yahya Al-Saqqa, a high school student in Khan Yunis city, southern Gaza Strip, managed to excel with a GPA of 94.9%.

Al-Saqqa, who memorizes the Holy Qur’an, faced the difficult conditions he went through after the bombing of a building next to their house by the Israeli warplanes in the last aggression in May, which caused the destruction of his room in which he was studying.

Al-Saqqa's house was severely damaged by the bombing on May 12, causing his family to flee for days until the aggression ended, while Yahya went to his sister's house to study for his exams.

Al-Saqqa reported to Safa, "I went through difficult and harsh conditions, like the rest of the students in the Gaza Strip, starting with Covid-19 pandemic, and ending with bombing next to our house, which caused the destruction of my room and the loss of all my belongings, clothes, books and notebooks."

"Despite these circumstances, I insisted to achieve my dream," he added, pointing out that he expected a much higher GPA.

Source : Safa