Jenin is under Israeli economic pressure to strike the resistance

The coordinator of the Israeli occupation army in the West Bank said that the checkpoint separating Jenin and the 1948-occupied-territories will remain closed in the current period, which means preventing the Palestinians from entering Jenin and suspending the Palestinian economic side.

Since the six Gilboa prisoners managed to free themselves, the occupation forces have closed the Al-Jalama checkpoint, preventing entry and exit from it.

The head of the Jenin Chamber of Commerce, Ammar Abu Bakr, said that Jenin depends mainly on the commercial relationship with the 1948-occupied-territories, which means that closing the Al-Jalama checkpoint causes big harm to traders and people’s livelihood, noting that this is not the first time to do so.

Swap Rejected

Abu Bakr reported to Safa that exchanging national issues for the economy is a rejected swap, saying that the issue of the prisoners is one of the most sensitive issues that affect every Palestinian.

This closure coincides with direct threats from the leaders of the occupation army of a large-scale military operation in Jenin, in addition to the continuation of the search of the liberators Ayham Kamamji and Nedal Nufaiaat.

Meanwhile, Osama Jaradat, a trader who travels daily between Jenin and Nazareth said to Safa that the economic restriction takes different forms, pointing out that the occupation is tightening their work.

Jaradat added that the occupation aims to put pressure on the people through collective punishment measures, in which gas bombs are fired, workers are chased, including the elderly, and some are arrested.

Source : Safa