Ya'bad is under Israeli collective punishment

The residents of Ya'bad town, south of Jenin, have recently been experiencing strict measures by the occupation with the aim of strengthening the presence of the settlements established on their lands.

Ya`bad Mayor Samer Abu Bakr said that the town is subjected to a policy of collective punishment by the occupation, represented by fierce and systematic measures that restrict the lives of the residents.

Abu Bakr added that the Israeli raids and incursions in Ya'bad have increased in the recent weeks after the six prisoners escaped from the Israeli prison of Gilboa, as Munadel Infeaat, one of the six, is from the town of Ya'bad. The town was surrounded and subjected to extensive searches for about ten days before re-arresting Infeaat and Kamamji in Jenin.

Meanwhile, Activist Ahmed Amarneh asserted that some of the town’s schools are in direct contact with the occupation, which leads to continuous confrontations, the price of which is always paid by the Palestinian students and teachers.

For their part, the people of Ya'bad demand the Palestinian government to implement supportive policies that enhance their economic, social, and political steadfastness.

Source : Safa