One day left, Qa'adan counts for his son's release

The 77-year-old father, Samih Qa'adan, has been waiting for the day his 42-year-old son, Abdel-Raouf, will be released from the Israeli jail. He has been counting the days, leaving the last day for his son to count.

In the last year of Abdel-Raouf's detention, Samih was writing off each day his son spent in the jail from the calendar. When reaching the last day, he left it to be written off by his son.

However, on the day he got his freedom, Abdel-Raouf did not do so, pointing out there are around 5500 Palestinian detainees still in the jails without having days deleted from their calendars.

"I will write off the last day when all Palestinian detainees are free," said Abdel-Raouf.

He stressed that the situation in the Israeli jails is unbearable due to the outbreak of coronavirus, confirming that it will worsen more if the human rights organizations do not intervene.

"The detainees have had enough of oppression and denial of basic rights. We fear the loss of more detainees' lives due to this neglect," he added.

Abdel-Raouf wished freedom for all detainees, saying that they have done a lot for the sake of the Palestinian cause.

For his part, Samih told SAFA that his happiness was not complete for he wished all the families of the detainees to live these moments.

"I know the meaning of this feeling as I have been waiting for my son for more than a decade and a half. Each detainee's family has this feeling."

Source : Safa