Three families in Silwan threatened with forced displacement

Displacement and demolition threaten three Jerusalemite families: Nassar, Burqan, and Al-Taweel, consisting of 75 people, in Wadi Qaddoum neighborhood in Silwan, occupied Jerusalem, under the pretext that the occupation municipality is building a school.

Six months ago, the Israeli Supreme Court issued a decision to displace the aforementioned families from their lands and oblige them to self-demolish 6 homes inside the land until the end of next December.

The families of Nassar, Burqan, and al-Taweel live in a state of anxiety and fear of forced displacement and demolition by the occupation forces.

Mazen Nassar reported to Safa that his father refused to sell the land in the town of Sur Baher by the occupation municipality.

He explained that the three families have fought in the occupation courts for about 10 years until the case reached the Supreme Court of Occupation.

Nassar stated that "despite the issuance of a decision by the Supreme Court that the land belongs to his father, the municipality of the occupation lodged an appeal against the decision, after which the same court ruled on April 11, 2021, to compel families to vacate the land and self-demolish homes in favor of the municipality."

He added that "if we refuse to carry out the self-demolition, the municipality's crews will carry out the demolition."

Moreover, Nassar pointed out that the number of the three families living in the six houses is about 75, including about 25 children, explaining that he has 9 sons, the oldest of whom is 23 years old and the youngest is one year old.

He confirmed that his father has all the papers that prove his ownership of the land and houses for 45 years.

Source : Safa