Palestinian Martyr Day... 100,000 killed since Al-Nakba

Today, January 7th, marks the Palestinian Martyr Day announced on 1969.

100,000 Palestinians died since Al-Nakba in 1948 until 2020, and 11,000 died since the second Intifada (2000-2005) until this day, according to the Palestinians National Information Center.

The center noted that the year of 2014 was the most bloody in which the number of Palestinian martyrs was 2,240; including 2,181 Gazans who were killed during the Israeli war on Gaza. In 2019, Israel killed 151 Palestinians and another 48 in 2020. In the first week of 2021, a young man from Hebron was killed by Israel.

Number of the dead bodies withheld by the Israeli authorities during the past year reached 13, bringing the number of bodies seized in the past five years to 73.

Since 1968, 254 bodies have been seized in the so-called “cemetery of numbers”, to bring the total numbers to 327.

The Palestinian Martyrs Day to commemorate the Palestinian martyrs was announced four years after the death of the first Palestinian killed in the Armed Palestinian Revolution, Ahmed Mousa Salama.

On this day, Palestinians recall the martyrs died in all phases of the revolution from all Palestinian factions, inside and outside the prisons, and on borders.

Palestinians commemorate this day in all place by visiting the martyrs’ shrines, planting flower, and organizing marches or events.

Source : Safa