Jerusalemite pregnant woman and her two children scream out of fear due to Israeli attack

A Palestinian family, on Saturday evening, suffered from a state of intense fear and panic, after the Israeli forces fired stun grenades towards homes in the Issawiya village in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalemite, Rabah Abu Al-Hummus, told Safa that he was surprised by the screams of his daughter-in-law, Shorouq, and her two children, due to the extreme fear, as a result of the penetration of a stun grenade from one of the windows of the house and the flying of the glass in the room.

“My son, Bilal, lives on the first floor of a 3-storey building and I rushed to find out the cause of the screaming to see Shurouq crying and her two children, Amir, 3, and Muhammad, a year and a half,” said Rabah.

He pointed out that Shorouq is eight months pregnant and has diabetes and the state of fear affects her health.

In addition, he described the Israeli forces targeting homes with sound and gas bombs as barbarism.

Israeli forces storm the village of Issawiya daily, targeting residents and homes by firing sound and gas bombs randomly for no reason. The village turned into a training ground and at the end, the people are the victims.

Abu Al-Hummus called on human rights and legal institutions to expose the Israeli violations and continuous attacks in the village of Issawiya.

Source : Safa