Trump delivers his first speech next week

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, is delivering his first speech since he left the White House next week, on February 28th.

the speech comes within the framework of the conference of the conservative political work, which is the biggest annual meeting for the American conservatives. 

Trump will discuss, in the meeting, the future of the Republic Party and the conservative movement, as his relatives told the French press. 

He is expected to talk about migration and the catastrophic polices of his successor, Joe Biden. 

He was acquitted in the second trial aiming to isolate him in front of the congress. 

Trump is still an active power in the American policy. Three-quarter of the Republicans want Trump to play a prominent role in the part, according to a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University. 

Trump makes every effort to be the center of attention. Since he left the White House last January, he did not publicly appear.

He seized the death of the Yemeni Television show host, Rush Limbaugh, to claim that he was deprived from winning the elections of February 3rd.

Former presidents usually hide in plain sight, but Trump seems to be different. This raises question marks about the ways Biden will adopt within the existence of a former president having serious intentions to avenge. 

Source : Safa