Hamas: Israel policy will fail to empty Jerusalem of its people

Hamas said that Israel’s continued campaign of arrests of its leaders confirms its premeditated intention to disrupt the elections and to determine the results before they happen.

In a statement that reached Safa on Monday, Hamas called for a national stance and the intervention of the guarantor countries of the election process.

The Israeli forces at dawn on Monday arrested 11 civilians in the West Bank cities and camps, including two of Hamas leaders.

Hamas considered that Israel’s control over the Palestinian political life and the disruption of the legislative life represent the summit of arrogance in challenging the will of the peoples of the world, which recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and build their institutions according to the pure national will.

The parliaments of the world called for solidarity with the Palestinian people and to stand by their right to a political life free from the interference of the occupation.

Hamas renewed its call on all parliaments to boycott Israel and stop dealing with its institutions sponsoring the terrorist state against Palestinian people.

Hamas affirmed that continuing the election path towards restoring unity and arranging the Palestinian home according to a national agenda, whose priority is to end the occupation and establish an independent fully sovereign nation.

Source : Safa