Palestinian NGOs Network: International Criminal Court's decision is a victory for justice

Palestinian NGOs Network considered the International Criminal Court's decision to open a formal investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Israel in Palestine as a victory for humanitarian and international justice.

"The decision is a serious development towards punishing Israel and its racist system," the network said. 

It added, "this step gives a glimpse of hope to correct the injustice imposed on the Palestinian people for decades, and it must be accompanied with seriousness and political will."

The Network called for providing all available possibilities, as a prelude to start the actual achievement according to the established procedures in the court, which depend on principles of freedom, independence, and transparency, until reaching the truth awaited by the Palestinians. 

It also called for working on inserting the files, that fall within the jurisdiction of the court related to the crimes committed against the Palestinians including the victims of the Israeli war over Gaza in 2014.

The Palestinian NGOs Network eventually called for inserting the settlement file and the cause of prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons, the deliberate medical negligence, and torture.

Source : Safa