European Consuls: what's happening in Sheikh Jarrah is illegal and increases tension

European Consuls and diplomats confirmed that eviction and displacement of the Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood is illegal and a matter of serious concern. 

They called, in a statement, released after they visited the Sheikh Jarrah on Tuesday, on the Israeli authorities to calm the current tensions in Jerusalem and stop acts of incitement against Al-Aqsa mosque. 

The Consuls listened to the families of Sheikh Jarrah about Israel's plans to Judaize it and their acts of suppression and repression against them. 

The families confirmed their right to stay in their homes, and not to surrender to Israel as it committed war crimes against them. 

The visit came following the Israeli attacks against Al-Aqsa mosque and the eviction of dozens of families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. 

Source : Safa