Hamas: Israeli bombing in Gaza met with Palestinian steadfastness

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas hailed the Palestinian men, women, children and elderly people for standing steadfast in the face of the Israeli occupation and for protecting the back of the resistance.

"We have seen the honorable scene of bombarding “Tel Aviv” in response to the Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. While the Israeli occupation has decided to launch a new war against Gaza, the Palestinian resistance led by Al Qassam Brigades is determined to act in response and has the right to defend the Palestinian people," said Hamas Spokesman Fawzi Barhoum.

Barhoum added that "The Palestinians’ in-street celebrations of bombing “Tel Aviv” across Palestine is a clear declaration of victory and indicates their awareness of successful resistance operations in response to Israeli atrocities. In turn, Palestinians realized the fake claims by the Israeli occupation about its ability to win the battle."

"From the beleaguered, resilient Gaza we do announce that Jerusalem will not be left alone. We will no longer allow the Israeli occupation to exercise its bullying and impose its policies in the holy city," he added.

"We declared that the resistance will act in self-defense against any Israeli violation, crime, or atrocity. We deem the bombing of “Tel Aviv” this evening as the biggest achievement in this battle."

"The resistance will continue to respond as long as the Israeli occupation attacks Gaza."

Source : Safa